About Us

Founded in 2002, we have grown in the right direction to achieve a workforce strength of over 1200 highly skilled domain specialists. We have been consistently maintaining an upward revenue trend right from the day of inception. We work in partnership with our clients and provide the best services at least cost and time, with unmatched quality. View more →

Triadss Corporate Ethos, known as the Code of Commitment, pledges to its Customers, Employees, and the communities it operates, in that it will honor the trust placed in them, and conduct operations responsibly.


We operate fairly with the highest standards in our customer relationships. We ensure to earn business only on the basis of superior services and products and with competitive prices and not through improper, unethical, or questionable business practices. View more →

Forward Thinking is the key to any business success. We do it for ourselves and for our customers. That is where, we stand apart

Our strategy defines our vision, sets goals and outlines the nature and scope of business. Effective strategies can give the customer a decisive competitive edge. We support customers as they develop and implement strategic organisational changes, focusing on corporate transformation, performance optimization.. For large international projects, we can leverage our past experience with our multifaceted talent pool. View more →

Our greatest asset and the best differentiator is our Team. No matter whether they are leaders or followers.They are Committed to deliver results, and believe in having fun along the way. However, that does not take away from the focus on work. Our people are passionate about delivering results to clients. View more →