Creating a Positive Work Environment

First, let’s be realistic. No one enjoys work every day. We all wake up on time on the wrong side of the bed, and just don’t feel like working.

We have a lot to say about the work environment that we provide for our employees. And we have a responsibility to do our best to create an environment where the vast majority of our staff truly enjoys coming to work each and every day.

What we can do for that:

  • Create a workplace that provides meaning and purpose for our employees. A place where they feel they are making a difference in the lives.
  • Go out of your way to say thank you and show your appreciation when staff members go above and beyond and walk towards their choices.
  • Encourage your staff to find and utilize their talents. This includes talking to your employees, especially those who are not performing up to your expectations level.
  • Spend money on the work environment-it is a wise investment. Little things can go a long way in improving the work environment.
  • Encouragement is also a part to be followed in every organisation.
  • Give verbal and written communication to individuals and the group for jobs well done.
  • Find reasons to celebrate together, such as birthdays, birth of a baby, marriage etc., and have small parties to celebrate these events. It’s especially good to share your celebration with all the shifts on your unit by asking food services to provide a cake, and putting up a sign or banner in the break room saying “Today We Are Celebrating……………”. By celebrating together you will be connecting the entire staff.
  • Let them know that you are also part of the team by asking your staff what they need from you to make their job more satisfactory, and doing your best to provide it.
  • Schedule stretch exercises that you do together before report. Have different staff members lead the exercises each day.
  • Ensure that humor is part of the daily work environment.
  • Do problem solving and awareness exercise at staff meetings? For example: Have your staff members ask them to tell about their positive & native about the person so that this will really improve both the sides.